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NASINDUS is one of the best buyers and traders of metal scraps in Saudi Arabia since 2015. We also buy and sell ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and surplus materials.

Metal scraps from the industrial areas contains hazardous elements which are dangerous for health. If you want to remove these but are wary of the potential injuries and accidents involved, NASINDUS metal scrap buyers can help you. As a key link in the chain of the scrap procurement and recycling services sector, NASINDUS helps keep your infrastructure and industrial estate clean and safe.

We have gained the trust of our clients and customers as one of a kind metal scrap buyer and dealer in Saudi Arabia because of the quality of services. Our goal is to extend our high standards, expertise and professionalism with you and ensure clean and safe environment for all.


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The NASINDUS is one of the reputed and trusted business houses in Saudi Arabia. We help the client to provide best quality industrial tools, equipment and services. NASINDUS has redefined the dynamics of trust, reputation, customer service, honesty and transparency, leading to our growth and success, which inspire our values and business principles.





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